Our Story in Newport News, VA

From small beginnings to big flavors, my father Gaspare Merendino (AKA "Dino") left his town of Carini, Italy. This was where my father's grandmother taught him all there was to know about baking; it was here he found his love for pizza. With the dream of opening his own pizza shop, he left Italy. In the August of 1969, Dino opened his first pizza shop in the Langley Square Shopping Center, which stayed open until 1985. In 1972, he opened Dino's Pizza Shop in Denbigh, Newport News, VA. It was a local favorite from the beginning. Children lined up by the front window with fascinated eyes, glued to watching the pizzas being tossed into the air. Mark Anaya, the shop's manager for over 40 years, was often call, "Dino".

In 1998, my wife and I assumed operations taking Dino's into the future. One year later, we celebrated the birth of our twins, Anthony and LeAnn, the next generation of owners.

We would like to thank you for the many great years of suppose and love. Without such loyal customers, we could never be the locals' favorite pizza restaurant since 1972.

Call (757) 877-1894 or Visit us in Newport News, Virginia, for authentic Italian pizza and subs. After 4 pm we offer delivery!